Why are motorbikes so popular in Bangladesh?

Why are motorcycles so popular in Bangladesh?

Motorcycles are definitely one of the most popular vehicles for all types of riders of all ages, and they are beloved all over the world. From the dawn of time to the contemporary era, horses have been riders’ best friends. In the present era, the real choice is turned into a motorcycle. Bikes are becoming increasingly popular all around the world. In Bangladesh, the situation is no different than in other countries. The number of motorcycles on the road has increased in recent years. Why is the motorcycle getting popular in Bangladesh? Let us have a look at it  from general perspective.

Numerous reasons exist for why so many people currently prefer motorcycles in Bangladesh:

Traffic Jam

Traffic jams are not a new concern in Bangladesh. In particular, Dhaka is one of the most populated cities in the world with heavy traffic jams. According to a study conducted by the Brac Institute of Government and Development, people in Dhaka waste approximately 5 million working hours per day, costing the city 98 thousand core Tk per year.Motorbikes are a convenient solution to traffic jams. Motorbike riders save almost 50% of the time in the traffic jams of Dhaka.

Significant Enforce of Middle-Class

Bikes are the preferred type of transport for the middle class. Bikes are a viable alternative solution to their counterparts, cars. People can purchase bikes on a budget. Most motorcycles in Bangladesh cost between 1-2 lacs, making them affordable to the middle class. Nonetheless, the price of motorbikes in the country is higher than in neighboring countries.

Cheaper parts and Easy to maintain

Maintenance of bikes is easier compared to cars. You can find a bike service almost everywhere in Bangladesh. The availability of most of the parts makes it cheaper to get a service.

Off-roads of Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s road transportation system is extremely poor. Because the vast majority of roads and highways are either unpolished or small, motorbikes are quite comfortable for off-road driving compared to cars. However, motorcyclists do not face much difficulty negotiating across narrow roadways.

Easy to find parking

Finding a parking space is a huge hassle for both drivers and the owners of the vehicles. Large towns like Dhaka or Chittagong only have a very few parking garages, making it difficult to locate a space to leave cars. Motorbikes, on the other hand, are a lot easier to deal with than cars. You can find parking for a bike very easily as it takes only a few spaces and can drive through exits and entries quickly and smoothly.


Bangladesh is a country with a year-round climate with six distinct seasons. Summer, the rainy season, and winter are Bangladesh’s most prominent seasons. Bike riding is easy in the summer, and the winters are mild compared to other nations. Bike riding is really pleasant throughout these two seasons. In contrast, the wet season is not ideal for biking. However, due to poor and damaged roads, motorcycles are significantly better vehicles than cars in the rainy season.

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